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We realize every event with you.

Industry experience and professional know-how for stage, sound and lighting technology are the requirements we offer you to realize your ideas and wishes perfectly. That’s the way we can contribute a little bit to the success of your event.

Our service field extends from a family party up to huge events. No matter what you have planned, whether nationally or internationally, we are the partner at your site.

Different stage systems, a wide repertoire of latest sound, lighting and presentation technology are only a part of our extensive rental park. Besides planning and support of your event, we create the proper technology package for you. Do you have special ideas? We are happy to help and find the suitable solution for your ideas.




Proper frames and a perfect staging

This way your event or company event will be a lasting experience for co-workers and customers. We assist you with conception, planning, organization, execution and postprocessing of your company event.

ViCOVENT highlights your company and offers solutions that are exactly orientated at your communication targets. Together with you, we work out a custom and exclusive program for your event which focuses on your individual wishes and requirements. This way, your next company event will be a guaranteed success and remembered as a positive experience by your co-workers and customers.

For your company event we offer you, together with our partner network, gala and show programs and brand and theme stagings at your company location or in extraordinary environment.



We are landlord and partner for all sizes of events – whether in a club, at company events, city festivals or concerts. With available sound technology of more than 100.000 watts, we are able to configure events of any size, thanks to our modular method of construction. Regionally, nationally or to the neighboring alps. Extracts of our references prove that we master sound and lighting technology.

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Note: Main contractor services (H) · Subcontractor services (S)

  • „HanseSail“ Rostock

    2018 (H)

    "HanseSail" Rostock

  • Stadtfest Aschaffenburg

    2018 (H)

    Stadtfest Aschaffenburg

  • „Anyones Fool“ Tour 2017

    2017 (H)

    "Anyones Fool" Tour 2017

  • „The Hooters“ Tour 2017

    2017 (H)

    "The Hooters" Tour 2017

  • Radio Galaxy Bikedays

    2018 (H)

    Radio Galaxy Bikedays

  • Weinfest 2018

    2018 (H)

    Weinfest Höflich

  • Binz 2017

    2017 (H)

    Binz 2017

  • Beavers Konzert 2017

    2017 (H)

    Beavers Konzert 2017

  • Feuerwehrfest Großostheim

    2018 (H)

    Feuerwehrfest Großostheim

  • Street Food Festival Adriano

    2017 (H)

    Street Food Festival Adriano

  • Großostheim Classics 2017

    2017 (H)

    Großostheim Classics

  • 2016 – Beavers Open Air

    2016 (H)

    Beavers Open Air

  • 2015 – Rock am See Mainflingen

    2015 (H)

    Rock am See Mainflingen

  • 2015 – Kerb Kleinostheim

    2015 (H)

    Kerb Kleinostheim

  • 2015 – AGV Fest Stockstadt

    2015 (H)

    AGV Fest Stockstadt

  • 2014 – Sölden

    2014 (H)


  • 2014 – Ortsfest Ringheim

    2014 (H)

    Ortsfest Ringheim

  • 2014 – Ischgl – Top of the Montain

    2014 (S)

    Ischgl - Top of the Montain

  • 2013 – Weihnachtsfeier Niedernberg

    2013 (H)

    Weihnachtsfeier Niedernberg

  • 2013 – transportlogistic München

    2013 (H)

    transportlogistic München

  • 2013 – Sölden

    2013 (S)


  • 2012 – AB Stadthalle

    2012 (H)

    Aschaffenburg Stadthalle

  • 2016 – Mobilia Aschaffenburg

    2016 (H)

    Mobilia Aschaffenburg

  • 2015 – 5 Jahre SBS

    2015 (H)

    5 Jahre SBS

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